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Our shop offers surfing, SUP, and SUP YOGA schools.

It is safe even if you are participating for the first time or by yourself!

Even if you don't have the tools, you can rent them, so don't worry!
An instructor from a long-established surf shop will carefully teach you surfing techniques from the basics.

With a small group size, even beginners can enjoy surfing with confidence.

Free parking, hot showers, changing rooms, and a resting terrace ensure peace of mind and comfort.

SURFING surfing

​Held from May to October

Anyone can participate, including beginners, women, seniors, upper elementary school students, and individuals.
It's okay even if you don't have any tools!
A veteran instructor will provide kind and careful surfing instruction.
・Surfing school (1-1.5 hours, rental fee included)

​*If you would like to attend school on weekdays, please contact us.

​Participation fee

5,000 yen

SUP stand up paddle

​Open from April to September

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is a marine sport that everyone from adults to children, those who are not good at exercise, and even beginners can enjoy riding with peace of mind.
SUP is a sport where you ride on a board and use a paddle. At first, learn how to balance on the board, and once you get used to it, practice rowing while sitting, then standing.
In addition to teaching the basics of SUP rowing and improving your skills, you can also learn about ``safety behavior and knowledge'' and ``rules and etiquette.''
The feeling of walking on the sea with SUP is very wonderful and feels good.

SUP school (1.5 hours: 30 minutes instruction + 1 hour free SUP, rental fee included)

*If you would like to attend school on weekdays, please contact us.

​Participation fee

5,000 yen

SUPYOGA sup yoga

Courses open from May to August

SUP YOGA is yoga performed while floating on water on a stand-up paddle board (SUP).
Because SUP YOGA is performed on a board that sways on the water, you can focus on your core and train your inner muscles.
Just standing on the board makes your adductors, hamstrings, and glutes flex. You can train even small muscles that you don't normally use.
The sun, the wind, the movement of clouds, and everyone's smiles. Relieve your stress by falling off the board, screaming, or laughing your heart out. SUP YOGA has a different appeal than yoga done in a studio.

・SUP YOGA (around 1 hour, rental fee included)

Entry fee

5,000 yen

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