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​Parking & Hot Shower

[Use of parking lot, shower & changing room, and rest terrace]

       ・There is a free parking lot for exclusive use of the shop (15 spaces in total) next to and behind the shop.

    ・The white open terrace next to the changing room and shower room is a place to rest after surfing and a place for surfers to relax.

           Relax and watch the ocean waves in front of you.

       ・Only those using our shop (school participants, rental users) and members may use the parking lot, changing rooms, shower rooms, and open terrace.



   ・For members only, you can freely use the parking lot, showers, changing rooms, and rest terrace at any time, even when the shop is closed. (For registered members)



   *For the general public to use the parking lot, there is a charge of 1000 yen per car. (During busy times, parking may be refused to the general public.)

       Drivers and passengers of vehicles using the parking lot will be charged a facility usage fee regardless of whether they use water, showers, rest terraces, etc.

 It costs 300 yen per person. Please understand this before using.

If you wish to use the above *, please pay in advance at the shop.

  Use is strictly prohibited while the shop is closed.

  ☆We do not store luggage, valuables, keys, etc.

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