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It's okay even if you don't have any tools!

At our shop, we have surfboards, SUPs, and wetsuits available for rental.

​Sizes and types range from soft boards with excellent stability that are easy to ride even for beginners, safe and hard to break, to short boards, fun boards, and long boards made of PU and EPS materials that are preferred by intermediate and advanced users. We have a wide variety available.

☆SURFBOARD (SOFT material/leash cord included)




☆SURFBOARD (PU/EPS material/leash cord included)





☆SUP (with paddle, leash cord, and life jacket)



☆BODYBOARD (with Rishi cord/There is no FIN)




☆WETSUIT       ¥2,000/1Day

   (​Winter semi-dry rifle suit rental isNone. )

​★Rental fee includes parking lot, hot shower & changing room, and rest terrace usage fee.

★We do not accept advance reservations or reservations for rentals.

Please come directly to the shop and rent.

​ (This shop is closed irregularly. The shop may be closed depending on the weather on the day and the presence or absence of waves.Are you open on 〇〇〇? Please note that we are unable to respond to inquiries.)


Precautions when renting

・When renting, we will take a copy of your identification card (driver's license or insurance card).

​・The mobile phone number of the person renting will be displayed on the screen at the reception. (To prevent theft of rental items)Thank you for your understanding. )

・Please be careful when handling rental items (*In case of theft, damage, or loss, actual costs and repair costs will be charged.I'll enjoy having this. )

・Depending on sea conditions and weather, we may not be able to rent the boat on dangerous days.

・Please deal with all accidents during rental at your own risk.

・Please follow the rules and manners at sea.

・After use, please wash the rental items with fresh water before returning them.

・Please note that rental boards will be used preferentially at the school during school hours.

★If you are checking the waves, going to school, or surfing, the shop may be temporarily closed.Thank you for your understanding.

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