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Our shop is located in front of the surf spot called Oguchi Kaigan in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

There is Itoshima Surf Center "TF SURFBOARDS AUSTRALIA".

This shop is a representative surf shop in Fukuoka that has been in business for 30 years.

This is a long-established surf shop with a long history in Fukuoka Prefecture, run by a surf shop owner who has been surfing for 40 years and has extensive experience on surf trips both domestically and internationally.

We have a wide variety of schools and rentals that you can easily participate in even if you don't have the equipment! !

In front of you is a beautiful, highly transparent sea.

It is located in the best position in Itoshima where you can enjoy surfing and SUP (stand up paddle boarding) all year round.

We are fully equipped with a parking lot, changing rooms, shower rooms, resting terrace, and vending machines, so you can enjoy playing in the sea all day long.

If you are interested in surfing or SUP, please feel free to visit us.



About Us


Shop owner: Hidemine Hirakawa (58 years old) is an active surfer who has been fascinated by surfing ever since he first experienced surfing at the age of 18, and continues to seek out waves in unexplored areas around Australia and Indonesia.


Shop owner: Shuho Hirakawa became famous during his stay in Australia in 1991.

Meet the legendary surfer and shaper "THORNTON FALLANDER".

As a business partner, he is also the only agent in Japan involved in ordering, importing, and selling the surfboards he shapes.


Wife: Junko Hirakawa has been surfing for 30 years.

19 years ago, she injured her knee ligaments while surfing and discovered yoga as a form of rehabilitation.


A yoga studio has been located on the 2nd floor of the surf shop for 17 years.“Seaside YOGA-STUDIO LOTUS”Founded the company, and teaches yoga as a yoga instructor himself.

Also, the only yoga instructor training school in Kyushu“Japan Yoga Therapist School (YTSJ)”As the director, he focuses on training high-quality yoga instructors and strives to popularize the practice.


In recent years, she has started the ``SUP YOGA'' class where you can do yoga on a SUP, and continues to create opportunities for many people to experience the joy of the ocean, surfing, and YOGA in various ways.

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