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User registration & school free pass system

When you purchase a surfboard or wetsuit at our shop,

① You can register as a user for an annual fee of 10,000 yen (renewed in April. User registrations from May onwards will be prorated).Parking, showers and changing rooms are available all year round.

(Please read and agree to the User Terms of Use before registering as a user.)

② Also, for those who have registered as users, the course will be offered until October.You can attend the school as many times as you like for free.


​First, experience.
​First, let's try it!

​While learning know-how

Those who want to experience it



Just borrow the tools for now.

Those who want to try it out easily

Bring your own board.
​The secret to improving is to have a board that matches your skills and get used to that board quickly.

beginner surfboard set


For those who want to start surfing for the first time

This is a beginner's set.

You can start surfing right away

This is a pretty great set!

​Let's prepare according to the season.

special offer.

SALE & USED information.
30% discount orange
30% discount orange

​For beginners and kids

For those who have a blank space in their surfing history

Second board for intermediate and advanced players

We have models suitable for a wide range of levels.

​Soft board


MF SOFT BOARD is a SOFT BOARD BRAND created with a new idea developed and tested by MICK FANNING.

This is a soft board with an epoch-making new structure in which the EPS foam is shaved with AKU SHAPER, carbon is added, laminated with epoxy resin, sanded, and then processed using vacuum shrink technology. The ride quality is different from traditional soft boards, and it has a performance much closer to that of a regular surfboard. The fins are different from the conventional penetrating soft board fin system, and by installing FCS2, it is possible to further improve performance.


Because it is a SUP board made of soft material

Easy to use even for beginners

​ You can enjoy SUP safely


The 9'00" has enough width, length, and thickness, so even adult men with a good physique can ride it with confidence.

​ Recommended for cruising, SUP, fishing, yoga, as well as those who want to ride with their dog or children.


The era of one surfer per surfer!


Soft boards have become explosively popular in recent years.

“Softech” is a representative manufacturer of soft boards.

An original series that can be enjoyed by beginners to intermediate users with a focus on functionality and stability.

Performance series designed for intermediate and advanced players to achieve short board performance using soft board materials.

You can choose from the Summer Series and 3 Series, which have a variety of fin shapes and unique outlines that will entertain everyone from beginners to intermediate and advanced players, regardless of the conditions.

Comes with board case while supplies last

Organic products.
Both for yourself and for the environment.

                           Finally landed in Japan!
              PremiumPursuing organic ingredients
                    Non-chemical sunscreen『MANDA』
                         Organic Sun Paste
           ☆Sold in store

​Yoga studio on the 2nd floor of the surf shop.



On the 2nd floor of our surf shop

​Yoga studio attached

Japan Yoga Therapist School



Yoga teacher training course

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